Social values

We at Leads to Development want to show the positive side of the pharmaceutical world, and how education and science saves lives. Our core organisational values are interlinked with our social responsibility, and we believe we can go further to have a positive impact on the world around us. It is towards this aim that we have initiated 3 social values arms within our company, focussing on issues we are most passionate about.

  • Promoting science careers and education
  • Running a sustainable and inclusive business
  • Supporting charity and innovation

Promoting science careers and education

As most L2D collaborators were trained as scientists, we know the importance of having access to reliable information and being able to think critically. As such, we at L2D feel it is part of our responsibility to facilitate greater access to scientific knowledge. To support this, we are aiming to sponsor science education initiatives, and for L2D contributors to share their knowledge and experience to promote education in scientific fields to students of all ages.

Recently, we have:

  • Supported students to access careers in science through mentoring
  • Sponsored Pint of Science science communication events in Paris
  • Started building an online drug development course for science students in collaboration with the Caribbean Cancer Research Initiative

Running a sustainable and inclusive business

To help make the world a better place and reduce our impact on the environment, L2D is committed to making greener choices across all our activities. We work to reduce the carbon footprint of our office by making more sustainable choices when it comes to supplies, food and travel.

Recently, we have:

  • Switched to renewable, B. Corporation certified energy in our office
  • Switched to Fairtrade food and drink supplies in the office
  • Promoted a paperless way of work
  • Prioritised buying office supplies from local shops in our neighbourhood
  • Encouraged recycling in the office
  • Made reusable bags accessible for everyone

In addition, we believe that our responsibility is not only towards the environment but also towards our employees, through supporting their wellbeing. Our aim is to create a positive, engaging, and supportive work environment.

Recently, we have:

  • Implemented a weekly organic fruit basket service that supports local producers
  • Provided fleeces to the L2D collaborators that are made of 100% recycled fabric to fight off the winter cold
  • Organised multiple team bonding activities such as a beach clean-up in Fécamp to support World Oceans Day and an alchemy themed escape game

L2D is also committed to being an inclusive place to work, and we have welcomed employees from around the world, which enriches the work we do. We believe that science benefits from diversity, be it across gender, ethnicity, disability or social background. This is something we encourage within L2D and look to promote in the wider scientific community.


Supporting charity and innovation

L2D wants to give back to our wider community. One of the ways we do this is through supporting charities which align with our core values by fundraising for causes close to our hearts or volunteering our time and expertise.
All collaborators at L2D work together to identify and choose charities we will support over the year with fundraising or volunteering events planned each quarter.

Recently, we have:

  • Taken part in fundraising initiatives such as the Daffodil Race against Cancer, the annual Course des Lumières in Paris and Octobre Rose
  • Volunteered with Serve The City Paris to distribute mealboxes to those experiencing homelessness in Paris
  • Donated 1% of our company turnover to charitable causes in the last 12 months